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Puddle Jumper Lab Girls


We have a large family, where the girls outnumber the boys. Several of our females still produce litters, whereas some others are retired or are not being bred. They each have slightly different strengths, but they all have fantastic personalities and meet or exceed our high standards for breeding criteria. If you are interested in puppies from a particular Dam, please contact us for our breeding schedule. Wondering what all those letters are before and after our dogs' names? Check out the "Dogs Decoded" section!


PJ's Shaken Not Stirred

Click here for Shaker's pedigree (Family Tree)
Pico De Gallo

PJ's Pico De Gallo

Click here for Salsa's pedigree
(Family Tree)



U-CH PJ’s Jet Black RA, AWC 10/9/15

Click here for Jetta's pedigree (Family Tree)

U-CH PJ's Shot A Rum Chata WC 4/17/14

Click here for Chata's pedigree (Family Tree)


HR PJ’s Blaze of Gunfire CD, RE, SH, NAP, NAJP 7/5/13

Click here for Blaze's pedigree (Family Tree)

PJ's Sly Like A Fox  JH, RN 09/15/14




Click here for Vixen's pedigree (Family Tree)


U-CH PJ’s Just Charge It  AWC, CD, JH, RA 8/7/13

Click here for Visa's pedigree (Family Tree)


GRCH, SHR PJ's Skyscraper of Chestnut Hill, JH, WC 10/18/12

Click here for Skye's pedigree (Family Tree)

HR PJ's Ready Aim Fire MH, CDX, RE, AWC 8/27/10

Fire is out of the Webshire Kennels line of many FC/AFC dogs and has a lot of drive for the field work & obedience, and at times just a little too smart for her age.
"Be careful what you name your dog"

Click here for Fire's pedigree (Family Tree)
U-CD, HRCH PJ's Can You See Me Now RE, MH 10/29/07

Camo is out of a breeding I was so excited about, and she has not let me down. Camo has drive for retrieving birds, and the same drive when doing a blind retrieve. She has the most incredible entry leap into the water and goes at her swimming with about a 9-horse motor. Of course her tail is slapping the water wagging the entire time while swimming. She received her Master Hunter title at just 3 years of age.

Click here for Camo's pedigree (Family Tree)
SHR, U-CH, Nachusa's PJ's Lock And Load RN, WC, JH 2/2/06

Pistol is one of the sweetest dogs we own. She loves attention, belly rubs, and loves to retrieve. We have found over the past few years that she loves being a mom. She has the most beautiful puppies, and will now become our professional mom around here, so we can share that great temperament with other families. Retired from breeding.

Click here for Pistol's pedigree (Family Tree)
SHR, U-CH, PJ's Hit The Jackpot RN, WC, JH 2/28/06

Vegas lives with my mother, and allows my mom to have the chance to train and raise puppies also. Vegas would prefer a good lap to sit in, but when asked to retrieve in the field, she then shows her passion for the retreive. Retired from breeding.

Click here for Vegas' pedigree (Family Tree)


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